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Welcome to SDB Careers

SDB bank fosters a workplace culture that values and promotes good human relationships to maintain a satisfied, committed, empowered and engaged workforce. The nature and impact of our operation depends on the passion and commitment of our team, the driving force behind the accelerated growth and development of our country.

As much as we are driven by our vision and mission, we are also driven by new ideas and innovative thinking. SDB welcomes talented candidates with potential, who could embrace our core values and those who are willing to act as brand ambassadors who embody the essence that gives our bank its unique and admired identity.

 SDB bank highly believes in a performance driven culture. We have much hope in our most valuable asset of Human Capital and we are very much willing to invest in potential individuals who are going to drive the business in future and also we do recognize and remunerate our staff very well based on their contribution and performance level.


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