Convenient Corporate Internet Banking | SDB bank Sri Lanka | SDB bank

A Corporate Internet Banking Solution by SDB to make banking faster, simpler, smarter and secure for any business. Powered with the anywhere, anytime accessibility of the Internet, SDB Business Internet Banking provides corporate clients with real-time access to company funds and transaction record for comprehensive management of working capital and financials. From stress-free payrolls to automated payments, SDB Business Internet Banking simplifies your company finances to a simple set of clicks.

  • Business dashboard 
  • Multiple user management 
  • Convenient customer onboarding 
  • Financial position and transaction history 
  • Cash movement 
  • Salary upload 
  • Bulk transfer 
  • Group company/account handling 
  • Government payment 
  • Request processing 
  • On-line assistance 
  • Bank information hub 
  • Integration to Mobile App to manage approvals
  • Integration with other existing third party systems deployed within companies
  • Convenient, comprehensive and highly secure corporate banking solution accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Instant validation of incoming payments and real-time alerts of transactions
  • A highly user-friendly interface with a personalized dashboard which provides an at-a-glance view and access to key company baking details and other services
  • Mobile ready
  • Flexible and rapid report processing with immediate access to banking records
  • Access to other SDB banking services and promotions
  • Replaces conventional document processing