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DEBT MORATORIUM for COVID-19 RELIEF - Email Submission

Dear Valued Customers,

In line with Circular No. 04 of 2020 issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, to provide relief measures and assist general public on their financial borrowings due to COVID-19 pandemic, please follow below instructions to submit relevant request through email.

[Please click the link to see other notice on this regard]


Step 1:

Please download "Covering Letter" (Document 1) to request for Debt Moratorium

Step 2:

Please download relevant "Annexure" (Document 2) from below list, pertaining to your loan 

Step 3:

Print above documents (Document 1 and Document 2) and duly fill with your signatures in applicable fields

Step 4:

Scan the duly filled documents (Document 1 and Document 2) and send to


Please make sure you mention your NIC No. and relevant branch name in your email subject line

(i.e: N.I.C No - Branch Name)


Alternatively, you can submit this to the branch from which you obtained the facility

P.S: Please note that only duly filled Covering Letter and Annexure with signatures, sent according to above instructions will be considered for further processing.


Additional References

1. Mobile Numbers of Branch Managers and Regional Managers (Click to view)

2. CBSL Circular 04-2020 -

3. CBSL Cicular 05-2020 -


Submission of application is extended until 15.05.2020