SDB bank | SDB bank's website gets an upgrade, boosting Mobile User Experience and access to finance Information

SDB bank's website gets an upgrade, boosting Mobile User Experience and access to finance Information


In an era where digital convenience is paramount, SDB bank, The Bank Where You Are Valued with its focus on improving the digital customer touchpoints, recently upgraded its tri-lingual corporate website which is an important part of a broader digital roadmap, marks a significant stride towards optimizing customer engagement through accessible and efficient touchpoints of the Bank. This comprehensive upgrade of its corporate website, now boasting a user interface that is not only the epitome of modern design but also mobile-responsive, catering to the needs of the on-the-go consumer.

The website's transformation is a testament to SDB bank's dedication to providing a content-rich platform, featuring insightful BLOGS, engaging VLOGS, inspiring SME Stories, and informative Press articles under the Media Centre which is the latest addition to the website. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering users a plethora of insights into financial management, security, and industry trends through compelling video content and timely bank-related news. This resource is designed to empower customers with the information necessary to make informed financial decisions, thereby fostering a community of savvy and secure clients.

In a move to streamline customer interactions, SDB bank has introduced five exclusive lead forms, enabling customers to effortlessly inquire about the bank's highly demanded services, including SDB Top Saver Plus, SDB Lakdaru, SDB Business Saver, SDB Investment, and SDB Leasing. This feature not only simplifies the process of obtaining information but also reflects the bank's proactive approach to customer service.

Moreover, the seamless integration of SDB Bank's social media channels into the website provides users with direct access to a wealth of information across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Messenger & WhatsApp Channel further enhancing the customer experience. This integration signifies the bank's recognition of the importance of social media in today's interconnected world and its potential as a powerful tool for customer engagement.

As SDB bank continues to navigate its digital journey, these new improvements of the website serve as milestones that not only reflect the bank's innovative spirit but also its unwavering commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction with agility and foresight.

About SDB bank

A future-ready bank, dedicated to offering customer-centric and comprehensive support tailored to each individual's needs, SDB bank is a licensed specialized bank regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, with a listing on the Main Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange and a Fitch Rating of BB +(lka). Through the network of 94 branches islandwide, the bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services to its Retail, SME, Co-operative, and Business Banking clients across the country. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are deeply ingrained in SDB Bank's ethos, with a steadfast focus on uplifting local communities and businesses through sustainable practices. The bank is particularly committed to promoting women's empowerment, sustainable development of SMEs, and digital inclusion, aiming to propel Sri Lanka to new heights.

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