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Refinance scheme for SME customers

Refinance scheme for SME customers
Refinance Credit Schemes for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) or SME Entrepreneurs at concessional rates to enhancing their existing or new business.
1. Tea Smallholder Credit Line & Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction - Grant (SME LoC Tea)
Max. Loan amount Rs.30 Million
Interest Rate Based on loan tenor and customer risk rating
Terms and Conditions apply*
Main Sectors New planting,
Nursery development,
Water & Soil management and mechanization
Repayment Period 10 Years with maximum of 02 years’ grace period basis on the bank policy

2.Kapruka Ayojana Refinance Loan Scheme
Max. Loan amount Based on the Coconut Cultivation Board approval (Avg. Rs.2 Mn)
Interest Rate 8% p.a. ( Fixed)
Main Sectors Coconut New Planting with intercropping,
Coconut Replanting with intercropping,
Rehabilitation of Coconut lands,
Coconut Mono-Cropping,
Establishment of Drip Irrigation System,
Establishment of flexible pipeline water projects,
Farm Machinery for coconut intercropping,
Cattle, Sheep farming under adult Coconut Plantation,
Upgrading of Machineries relating Coconut Cultivation
Process Registration done by the Coconut cultivation board
Maximum Repayment Period 05 Years with one year grace period basis on the bank policy

3. SMILLE 111 RF Scheme
Small and Micro Industry Leader and Entrepreneur Promotion Project 111 RF - Refinance Loan Scheme
Max. Loan amount Rs. 25 Million
Interest Rate 8% p.a.( Fixed)
Main Sectors Industries (Machinery & equipment's)
Agriculture (Poly tunnel construction)
Dairy (Cattle purchasing, Shed constructions, Machinery & equipment’s)
Technical Transfer Assistance Scheme To upgrade, accounting, managerial, technical skills of project staff and end products by purchasing quality control equipment, inclusive of laboratory equipment

Rs. 2.5 Mn
Interest Rate: 5% p.a.
Up to 7 years’ basis on the bank policy

SEPI Scheme
Self-Employment Promotion Initiative (SEPI) loan scheme
Max. Loan amount Rs. 1,000,000/-
Interest Rate 7% p.a.(Fixed)
Main Sectors All occupation & technology areas listed under NVQ Qualifications. Entrepreneurship skill Development Programme from selected registered vocational training institutes (NAITA/DTET)
Maximum Repayment Period 5 Years basis on the bank policy

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SME Business Related Refinance Schemes in 2024

1. Paddy Pledge Loan
Max. Loan amount Paddy Millers - Rs 50 Mn
Paddy Storage Owners’ / Paddy Collectors - Rs 25 Mn.
Interest Rate 11% p.a. (Fixed)
Main Sectors Paddy millers and collectors across all regions are eligible to purchase paddy from farmers during the Maha Season 2023/2024.
Repayment Period 180 Days

  • Terms and conditions will apply *

2. SMELoC 2 – Working capital Financing
Max. Loan amount Rs. 10,000,000/-
Interest Rate 8% p.a. (Fixed)
Main Sectors MSMEs in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, technology, export-oriented sectors and any MSMEs (except trading, leasing and renting businesses) that are women-led, which require working capital financial needs.
Repayment Period maximum tenor of three (03) years including maximum six months (06) grace period depending on the nature of the business activity.

  • Terms and conditions will apply *