SDB bank | SDB ITHURUM CHARITHRAYA Celebrating Savings as a Time-honored Virtue

SDB ITHURUM CHARITHRAYA Celebrating Savings as a Time-honored Virtue


For over a quarter of a century, SDB bank, The Bank Where You Are Valued has been a cornerstone of the economic drive of Sri Lanka's financial landscape, offering secure and reliable banking solutions that cater to both individuals and businesses.

In a move that aligns with the festive spirit of Sinhala & Tamil New Year, SDB bank launched a campaign that resonates deeply with the cultural fabric of Sri Lanka which is the Sinhala & Hindu New Year festival, a time when the nation unites to celebrate friendship, happiness, and unity, serves as the perfect backdrop for this initiative. It’s a well-known fact that, during this period all Sinhala and Hindu communities celebrate all rituals as per the auspicious timings. Recognizing this, the Bank strategically launched the tradition of Savings with the theme of “SDB Ithurum Charithraya” which is a unique move.

The Head of Marketing at SDB bank Hasitha Samarasinghe, in a statement, emphasized the campaign's significance: "At SDB bank, we understand that savings form the bedrock of financial security for our customers. 'SDB ITHURUM CHARITHRAYA' is more than a campaign; it's a testament to our commitment to nurturing a culture of savings, which is particularly crucial in these turbulent times. We are dedicated to being the preferred financial partner for progressive individuals, enlightening them about sound financial practices and ensuring that every individual in Sri Lanka has an opportunity to save and invest in their future.

This campaign was executed to reinforce the value of savings and to establish a lasting connection with the community, ensuring that the spirit of Avurudu is not only about celebration but also about building a secure financial future for all Sri Lankans.

About SDB bank

A future-ready bank, providing holistic, 360-degree support to its customers, SDB bank is a licensed specialized bank regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, with a listing on the Main Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange and a Fitch Rating of BB +. Through the network of 94 branches islandwide, the bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services to its Retail, SME,Co-operative and Business banking clients across the country. ESG principles are deeply ingrained in SDB Bank's ethos, with a steadfast focus on uplifting local communities and businesses through sustainable practices. The bank is particularly committed to promoting women's empowerment and digital inclusion, aiming to propel Sri Lanka to new heights.

Hasitha Samarasinghe
Head of Marketing SDB bank

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