SDB bank: Inspiring Sri Lankans to Become Savers and Achieve Their Aspirations | SDB bank
SDB bank: Inspiring Sri Lankans to Become Savers and Achieve Their Aspirations

SDB bank offers a range of savings products to suit the diverse needs of its customers. With competitive – often market-leading – interest rates and several other unique features, SDB bank's savings products stand out in the market. A healthy savings habit is one of the most pivotal habits you can cultivate in your life, and one that is sure to unlock opportunities for you, and provide you with peace of mind. Savings can help you both fuel your dreams and be ready to comfortably tackle any unexpected events, particularly when you are able to obtain the maximum returns on your savings. Entrusting your savings to a trusted licensed bank, focused on sustainable banking and development, such as SDB bank, also means that you can rest assured that your savings are not just safe, but actually being used to do good.

Among SDB bank’s retail savings products, SDB Top Saver Plus stands out. Designed to offer the best benefits for regular savers, it offers an attractive interest rate and unlimited withdrawals, with interest being calculated based on the daily balance, for maximum value creation. The major benefit with this product is that you can withdraw any number of times without it affecting your interest rate, so you really have maximum flexibility and options.

For children, the Bank offers SDB Lakdaru, which provides your precious child with gifts and cash vouchers that encourage saving, while also providing an unmatched hospitalization cover as an added special benefit, together with a high interest rate for savings. This not only incentivizes kids to save, but also helps to give you peace of mind.

For SMEs looking to park working capital for short- to medium-term requirements, SDB Business Saver accounts provide a flexible multi-option account that yields a high interest rate and provides digital connectivity to each SME-customer’s current accounts, for maximum flexibility and ease of access.

As a licensed specialized bank supervised by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, listed on the Main Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange, and with a Fitch Rating of BB+(lka) (Stable) and ICRA Rating (SL) BBB (Stable), SDB bank is a stable and trustworthy institution. According to Head of Liabilities of SDB bank, Udena Welikumbura, “SDB bank is the best and safest place to save, thanks to our financial stability and diverse shareholder backing, including from respected foreign funds and financiers focused on supporting local business and individuals to progress and achieve great heights. We’re proud to have played and continue to play a key role in providing a safe haven for savings, while utilizing the funds of savers to further advance on our sustainable banking journey. Our savings products reflect our commitment to providing innovative and customer-centric banking solutions, and provide an attractive choice for Sri Lankans who share our vision for a sustainable future.”

SDB bank is committed to the sustainable development of SMEs, women’s empowerment through financial inclusivity and entrepreneurship, digital financial inclusion and sustainable financing. With 25+ years of service, SDB bank is well-positioned to fuel economic development in Sri Lanka, particularly in the SME sector, by incentivizing savings. SDB bank is also devoted to people- and customer-centricity, and this approach is reflected in its products, services and outstanding personalized customer experience. The Bank is genuinely committed to building long-term relationships with the communities it serves, based on trust and mutual respect. All of this means that, by choosing to save with SDB bank, Sri Lankans can directly contribute towards a progressive, inclusive and sustainable society, where each individual and business can reach their full potential.

About SDB bank

A future-ready bank, providing holistic, 360-degree support to its customers, SDB bank is constantly catering to ever-changing needs, through a combination of financial support and value additions to life and business through mentorship and knowledge-sharing focusing on areas such value chain enhancements and financial management. SDB bank is also committed to a sustainable business model in terms of environmental, social and governance sustainability. This commitment is reflected in the Bank’s financing activities, giving preference to businesses and initiatives that take a sustainable approach, over those that do not. SDB bank has established itself as a financier that values every customer equally, for their potential and supports the development of individuals and SMEs with a special focus on women empowerment and the realization of the dream of digital inclusion for the masses.