SDB bank Elevates Services with Relocation of Hingurana Branch | SDB bank

SDB bank Elevates Services with Relocation of Hingurana Branch


SDB bank, a unique bank with a clear vision to bolster the local economy by providing customized banking solutions to SMEs and all progressive Sri Lankans, has relocated its Hingurana branch. After more than 12 years of steadfast service at its previous location, SDB bank – Hingurana has now found its new home at JSQ 3/B, Industrial Zone, Hingurana.

The relocation was marked by a special opening ceremony on the 28th of August 2023, graced by the presence of noteworthy individuals, including Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SDB bank, Mr. Niranjan Thangarajah, Branch Manager, Mr. RNP Kumara and Regional Manager, Mr. Suntharalingam Keshanth. Ms. A.M. Ajantha Kumari, representing the Damana Divisional Secretariat, was also an esteemed participant in the event. The ceremony was also attended by other senior bank officials, cherished customers, dynamic staff and valued guests, and served to showcase SDB bank’s dedication to building relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

SDB bank – Hingurana’s relocation to its new premises reflects the bank’s unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable growth in the regions it serves. With a renewed emphasis on offering tailor-made financial solutions, the Hingurana branch will continue to provide a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

SDB bank’s legacy of over 26 years underscores its ability to provide secure and reliable banking solutions that resonate with both individuals and businesses. The bank’s personalized banking experience, comprehensive modern range of products and services, and its commitment to sustainable finance have endeared it to customers across the country. This move to a new, strategically chosen location in Hingurana is thus another step forward in its journey towards a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future.


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