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Fuelling Growth for 26 Years – SDB bank’s Journey of Empowerment, Progress and Partnership


SDB bank, a unique bank with a clear vision to bolster the local economy by providing customized banking solutions to SMEs and all progressive Sri Lankans, marks the important milestone of its 26th anniversary, this August. For over a quarter of a century, the bank has stood as an example of value-based banking, steering economic growth by empowering individuals and communities. As it embarks on another year of enriching partnerships, SDB bank is proud to celebrate its incredible journey, underscored by its unwavering commitment to progress, sustainability and inclusivity.

Since its inception, SDB bank has been synonymous with progress and empowerment. Guided by a resolute dedication to its founding principles, the bank has fostered a unique bond with its customers. Through turbulent times and moments of triumph, SDB bank has remained a steadfast partner in their financial journeys. This legacy of trust and support forms the cornerstone of the bank’s 26th-anniversary celebrations.

As SDB bank commemorates this millstone, the spotlight shines brightly on its resolute dedication to meeting the evolving banking needs of progressive customers. The bank recognizes the dynamic shifts in the financial landscape and has embraced cutting-edge technologies, positioning itself at the forefront of digital banking and finance. Through these innovative initiatives, SDB bank has effectively democratized access to contemporary banking services, empowering individuals and enterprises to flourish in the digital era.

The bank also wishes to acknowledge its longstanding collaboration with the cooperative network, a pivotal partnership that has significantly contributed to enhancing outreach and fostering collaborative growth opportunities within the communities it serves. This strategic alliance has been a foundational pillar of SDB bank’s remarkable 26-year journey, resulting in many shared successes and mutual triumphs over the years.

As its 26th-anniversary celebrations unfold, SDB bank is gearing up to honour what have become the hallmarks of its incredibly journey – the unwavering trust of its customers and the dedication of its employees. Thus, the bank’s anniversary is being celebrated this year under the theme, “Enriched Through Partnerships” – a heartfelt tribute to the collaborations that have fuelled its growth over the past 26 years.

This spirit of collaboration, fellowship and commitment is being marked with various initiatives – including a blood donation programme at SDB bank’s Head Office and the inauguration of an IT lab at Devahandiya Primary School – which stand as a testament to SDB bank’s holistic approach to community engagement.

The bank also hosted a special 26th Anniversary Celebration event, which served not only as a moment of revelry and camaraderie but also an occasion to formally recognize and appreciate individuals who have been the driving force behind its success. Accordingly, a Commemorative Gold Coin was presented to members of staff who have completed 25 years of service at SDB bank, as a gesture of appreciation for their dedication and unwavering loyalty.

SDB bank’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s economic growth is a testament to its unwavering commitment. Beyond the traditional confines of banking, the institution has emerged as a catalyst for change, focusing on initiatives that foster sustainable development. From SMEs to burgeoning entrepreneurs, SDB bank has tirelessly championed the cause of economic progress at every level of society, breathing life into a kaleidoscope of Sri Lankan dreams and aspirations.

As SDB bank embarks on its 26th year, its focus remains resolute – to continue nurturing progress and fostering inclusivity. Through every challenge, triumph and endeavour, SDB bank has been the steadfast partner of choice for countless individuals and businesses across Sri Lanka. As the bank marches forward, it invites its stakeholders to join hands in creating a future that is not only financially prosperous but also socially and environmentally responsible.

In an industry defined by change, SDB bank’s commitment to values, progress, and sustainability remains unwavering. As the bank celebrates its remarkable journey of 26 years, it also takes this opportunity to reflect on the bonds that have been forged, the dreams that have been realized, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow that lies ahead.


Focuses on uplifting cooperative sector with suitable financial solutions

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