Western Union

Western Union (WU) is an international money transfer service which enables Sri Lankans living or working overseas to send money to their loved ones. These remittances can be collected in cash at any SDB branch in Sri Lanka. SDB is an important corporate sub agent of MMBL Money Transfer(Pvt) who are the primary agents for WU in Sri Lanka.
The beneficiary (receiver) can walk into any SDB branch and obtain funds by providing the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and on producing his/her identity.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, Reliable, Convenient and Safe service.
  • Conveniently located and easily accessible SDB branch locations.
  • Convenient tracking system.
  • No bank account is required to carry out the transaction.

How to receive Money via Western Union

  • The sender can go to a WU location anywhere in the world and deposit the money, pay the fee and get a unique ‘’Money Transfer Control Number’’ (MTCN).
  • The sender then passes on the MTCN (10 digit number) to the receiver.
  • The receiver may come to any SDB branch and produce this MTCN.
  • TThe receiver is asked to fill a simple ‘’To Receive Money’’ (TRM) form and within a few minutes the money will be given to the receiver. No charges or deductions will be made.


  • Sri Lankan Citizens / Foreign Citizens


  • The receiver fills and signs the ‘’TRM’’ form.
  • Receiver must provide all of the following information
  • Name of Sender
  • Name of Receiver
  • Country from where the money has been sent
  • Expected Amount (approximately) MTCN (10 Digit Ref-Number)
  • Signature of the receiver

Documents Required

  • NIC (Only issued by the Sri Lanka Government).
  • The following are valid for foreign citizens: Passport (With a valid Visa).
  • Sri Lankan Driver’s License (All IDs must have the bearer’s photograph, and should also remain valid in case the ID has an expiry date).
  • Duly completed application form.

If Interested

Contact your nearest SDB branch
Call 0115 411 411