Vesak Day, is considered as the most sacred day of the global Buddhist community as it commemorates the three noble events of Gautama Buddha’s life (The birth, the enlightenment and the death). At this special day, Buddhists from all over the world worship with material/ hospitality offerings (“Amisa Puja”) as well as with practice offerings (“Prathipaththi Puja”) to honor the lord Buddha who taught the universal reality and the path for the supreme bliss of Nirvana, which helped sentient beings to end rebirth and suffering. Our motherland, Sri Lanka is considered as the center stone of Theravada Buddhism. Therefore, the entire country is desperately planning to celebrate this year’s Vesak festival at its best. This year’s National Vesak festival will be held at the ancient Wattarama Temple in Kegalle with the patronage and participation of Sri Lankan President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena. In parallel to this grand national festival, an exhibition is organized to unveil the pride of Sri Lankan culture and Buddhist heritage. This exhibition will consist of many stalls related to Sri Lankan Buddhist heritage which will bring a great educational value to its viewers.

One of the salient features of this exhibition would be the stalls that demonstrate the ancient cultural heritage of Kegalle district and archeological findings of different places in the district that reveals several historical information over 38,000 years. These stalls are organized by the Kegalle District Erudite Society and SDB bank is proud to become the sponsors of this great event.

Above exhibition stalls are designed under the close supervision and leadership of Professor D. Rajkumar Somadewa, Director, Postgraduate institute of the Archeology, and department of Archeology, Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka. Exhibits of these stalls will be in enormous educational value for the students in primary and secondary classes as well as those who are following higher education. Furthermore, it will bring some valuable information on ancient Sri Lankan heritage, which is useful for all of us as Sri Lankans. These exhibition stalls will help its visitors to broaden their knowledge by understanding the unveiled truths, challenges to some contemporary affirmations as well as some latest archeological proofs.

SDB bank has already won the hearts of the people by providing high quality, innovative and sustainable financial solutions, offered with the best customer service to cater all their financial needs, to assure their life protection. Deviating from mere financial focus, SDB Bank sponsors this exhibition as its social responsibility for the betterment of the future generation of Sri Lanka.

If one anticipates the proper development of a country, it is with paramount importance to create a future generation with correct attitude and affection towards their mother land. It is far too important that this younger generation realizes the true history and heritage of their country that will create such affection towards their mother land. Such exposure will be an ideal stimulation for their continuous empowerment to devote more for the betterment of the country. SDB Bank, as a responsible entity that continuously focuses towards this national exertion, is proud to extend their sponsorship for the educational exhibition – “Our heritage from ancient times” that is held in parallel to the National Vesak Festival.