Sonduru Sevana is a housing loan to construct or purchase a house, to purchase a block of land and construct a new residential house, to complete a partly constructed house, and for extensions, alterations, repairs of an existing residential house.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer repayment period.
  • Maximum period of 7 years or until the borrower reaches the age of 60 years.
  • Maximum repayment period will be 5 years for persons employed overseas or loans granted based on income earned overseas.
  • Flexible approach with quick service and fast approval.
  • Attractive and competitive low interest rates.


Sri Lankan citizens who earn a regular monthly income individually/jointly with their spouse or parents.

They can be categorized as
  • Public and private sector employees & professionals
  • Business / Self-employed
  • Sri Lankans employed overseas
  • Income earners from agriculture
  • Rental income earners
  • Pensioners
  • A person who can submit proof of a regular, legal, stable source of income

Documents to be obtained from the client

  1. Proof of income details:
  2. Applicants employed in Sri Lanka
    • Application
    • Letter from the employer confirming the present salary and any other fixed allowances
    • Salary slips for last 6 months
    • Bank statements for last 6 months
    Applicants employed abroad
    • Certified copies of the employment contracts
    • Certified copies of the passport and visa documents
    • Valid copy of permit to stay
    • Fund remittances for last 6 months
    Other business/self-employed personnel
    • Business registration
    • Tax payment receipts and audited financials for last 3 years
    • Bank statements for last 6 months
    Rent income earners
    • Registered rent agreements
    • Ownership proving documents for the said premises
    • Approved building plan etc.
    Agriculture income earners
    • Ownership of agriculture land
    • Confirmation of steady income from an authorized personal
  3. Legal Documents
    • Title deed
    • Approved survey plan – If approval is not required a letter issued by local authority to this effect
    • Certified extracts of 30 years
    • Title clearance by the bank/panel lawyer
    • Valuation report of the property to be mortgaged from a valuer in the Bank’s panel of valuers
  4. Local Authority Certificates
    • Street line/Building line
    • Non vesting certificate
    • Ownership certificate
    • Tax receipts/Assessment notices
  5. In case of Construction
    • Approved building plan
    • Bill of quantity (BOQ)
  6. In case of purchase of a house
    • Consent of the vendor indicating the selling price
    • Certificate of conformity
  7. Disbursement
    • Loan should be released in stages according to the BOQ submitted

Maintain an account with SDB

Relevant supporting documents as required by the bank

If Interested

Click here to access an account opening form that can be printed and completed.
Visit the nearest SDB branch together with the duly filled Account Opening Mandate and the relevant supporting documents
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