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SME Plus

The SME loan scheme allows successful micro-entrepreneurs to graduate to SME status through existing SME clients, the provision of credit facilities for expansion of business activities and a range of support services.

  • As a development bank, we are entitled to all development finance facilities and refinance schemes conducted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and Re-Finance Institutions.
  • SDB provides this service for anyone who is involved in a commercial activity and for those who seek to generate more jobs as entrepreneurs.
  • The market segment for SME is defined as, skilled individuals who can be in the government and private sector with 2 years’ experience. Students who have successfully completed vocational & training programs are also eligible under this category. They should have the ability to prove their skills and experience.
  • Well experienced employees who are currently employed in the production sections in the government and private sectors.
  • Staff in Technical Training Institutions.
  • Trained students in Vocational Qualification Institutes as acceptable to the SDB.


  • Maximum loan amount – 300 million
  • Interest rate – 5% – 14%
  • Period – Up to 10 years
  • Grace period – Depend on the project
  • Fund Sources
    • Saubagya
    • Dasuna
    • Commercial Dairy Loan

*conditions apply


  • SDB offers an enormous range of back support for SME clients. This includes Technical support, Auditing assistance, Consultation, Assistance in identifying markets, etc.
  • Provision of back support until the success of the SME.
  • That’s why this service is named as SME Plus, since this offers the SME owner much more than a loan.
  • In the year 2015, SDB aims to disburse Rupees 4,500Mn under this programme throughout the country.


  • Micro-Entrepreneurs or anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur in the near future.

Documents Required

  • Project Report
  • Clear copy of the NIC or Passport or Driver’s License.
  • Copy of a utility bill or a bank statement from another bank or any other valid address verification document if the address is different from that on the NIC.

If Interested

Click here to access an account opening form that can be printed and completed.
Visit the nearest SDB branch together with the duly filled Account Opening Mandate and the relevant supporting documents
Contact your nearest SDB branch
Call 0115 411 411
Rajesh Karunarathna
Manager SME – 077 4 232 860 | 011 2 832 570 |