SDB bank has been able to introduce a variety of banking products and services with a vast coverage of customers, from new born babies to all categories of senior citizens.

Savings Accounts

SDB bank provides a full range of savings products from standard savings accounts to special savings accounts for specific groups. SDB bank also provides an island wide palmtop banking service. Our 45 palmtop bankers go to customer door steps to transfer money into savings accounts.

  • The SDB Visa debit card can be used at any local ATM that accepts Visa cards
  • SDB savings accounts for cooperatives. These savings offer higher interest rates for cooperative savings

Other savings products under our deposits portfolio are listed below:

  • SDB Standard Savings Scheme
  • Lakdaru
  • Jawaya
  • SDB Uthtamavi
  • Upahara

Fixed Deposit Accounts

SDB bank offers standard fixed deposits and specialised fixed deposits.


Our loan facilities cater to different economic segments of the country ranging from micro credit to special credit facilities for soldiers and senior citizens.