SDB bank initiated the CSR project by sponsoring Karaththa Kavi books to Ruhunu Magam Pathuwe Chief Adikara Sanganayake Kapugama Saranathibidana Nayake Thero and to Mrs D.S Padma Kulasooriya – District Secretary, Monaragala. This was held on 20th July 2018 at the Sri Abhinawarama Temple at Kataragama.

Karaththa Kavi story book was published in line with Children’s Day, where as it was approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education to be kept in Libraries. This book consists of traditional stories and was given to the temple to be read during daham pasal and was handed over to Mrs D.S. Padma Kulasooriya (District Secretary, Monaragala) to be kept in pre-school libraries which is situated in Monaragala area.