SDB bank initiated the CSR project by sponsoring to establish a bio gas unit at the Sri Abhinawarama Temple at Kataragama. This unit was handed over to the Maha Sanga on the 20th of July 2018 with the participation of Mr. D. S. Padmakulasooriya – District Secretary, Monaragala, Head of Marketing Mr Sameera D Liyanage, Head of Co-operative Mr P D Dhammika, Uva Regional Manager Mr K B Ratnayake and SDB bank staff.

Sri Abhinawarama Temple has been offering free food to at least 1,000 people every day. The bio gas will produce cooking gas from vegetables, food and other wastages generated by the temple; this will control the wastage that arises from the food preparation. The Biogas Unit was implemented to the temple to improve a pollution free environment, control the wastage and the cost to the temple. Also this will help control the surrounding areas including the water front as well.

This area being a Tourist attraction there are several MSME businesses which consists of hotels and fast food restaurants, this concept could be promoted to them by informing the benefits and the facilities that are available from SDB bank in order to purchase it for their own businesses as well. This would help them to expand and improve their businesses as well as create pollution free environment.

This is mainly done by SDB bank, since we always strive to become the most responsible financial institution in Sri Lanka.